Sh.Ch. Naiken Way Out West, JW

20 January 2008 - 28 February 2019

Hips 6:6

Elbows 0:0

Clear BVA Eye Certificate April 2012

Optigen Normal/Clear for prcd1-PRA

EIC carrier

HNPK clear

Carries no yellow


21 CC's & 14 BOB (6 breed club BIS), 14RCC's.

KC Stud book number

Won his Junior Warrant at 13 months.

BPIB at Darlington ch. show and was shortlisted to the final 8 in the Gundog Puppy group.

BIS at LRC Joint Clubs ch show 2009,

           Cotswold & Wyevern LRC ch show 2009

           Yellow Labrador Clubch show  2009

           East Anglian LRC ch show 2010

           United Retriever Club ch. show 2010

           LRC of Northern Ireland ch show 2011

           West of England LRC ch. show 2011.

Group 2 SWKA 2011

Contest of Champions 2012 competitor

Day heat winner Eukanuba champion stakes - Paignton 2012

Best Veteran in Show at LRC centenary ch show 2016 - his final show


At 16 months of age he won his first 2 CC's:

13 June 2009 - CC and RBIS, Labrador Retriever Club

14 June 2009 - CC & BIS, Joint Labrador Retriever Clubs show

17days later ...

 1 July 2009 - CC and BIS,  Cotswold & Wyevern LRC champ show.


East of England champ. show July 2009 he won the day heat of the Petplan Junior Dog Stakes and returned to following day to win overall qualifying him for the Petplan Junior finals!!

October 2009 - 5th overall at Petplan Junior Stakes finals


MARCH 2010 - CC & BOB at CRUFTS!!!!!! He is the first chocolate to win

                            this at Crufts!



Way Out West's pedigree SHOWING HIGHLIGHTS

Pictures at 8wks

Chulu 1 Chulu 2 Hodge''s Labrador CAJ255.847 low res for web

'Photo by Carol Ann Johnson'

Hodge''s Labrador CAJ230.194 low res for web

'Photo by Carol Ann Johnson'


Pictured October 2009 - after coming 5th at the Petplan Junior Stakes final.

Crufts 2010 DCC video Crufts 2010 BOB video _WCH0778

Sh. Ch. Naiken Way Out West competing at the Contest of Champions (april 2012) photo by Will Harris

Chulu head Chulu head 2 Chulu stood Chulu running

Am. Ch. Simerdown's Dr. Pepper x Buckholt Katie at Naiken JW

Top Labrador Male 2010 & Joint Top Labrador 2011

'Photo by John Jackson' - Way Out West aged 8.5yrs

2016 06 11_0470_naiken way out west

'Photo by Sharon Rogers' - Way Out West aged 8.5yrs

Hodge 11-06-16 No 1107ab